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Skin Disease:-

Introduction to skin care:-  The skin is considered to be the most important organ as it is the first and foremost layer of the human body which protects the body from millions of microorganisms, heat, cold, dust and many other sources of infections.

Symptoms of the skin problems:-  However the symptoms depend on the disease or the condition one has. From the small lesions to huge patch, the skin diseases always trouble people. In pimples people may suffer from black or white heads initially. Some pimples may develop pus within it and may bleed sometimes.
In urticaria the skin has rashes and can occur anywhere in the body. The intensity is more on hands and back. In purpura there will be purplish discoloration on the skin that is produced by small bleeding vessels just nearer to the outer surface of the skin. This may also present in the mucous membrane as in the lining of the mouth and sometimes also in internal organs.
The patchy skin or irregular discoloration is caused by variations in pigmentation caused by melanin density. Mottled or mottling skin refers to especially to vascular changes on the skin which may appear like patch.

The clammy skin is usually pale, moist and cool to touch. The skin affected by sun burn appears swollen and reddish. The bluish color of the skin refers to lack oxygen supply known as cyanosis.

The scar appears like zigzag as in herpes infections. There are innumerable infections that affect the skin giving different signs and symptoms.

Ayurveda describes many types of the skin diseases. When the skin is affected by Vata Dosha, it appears slight brownish or blackish and becomes cool to touch. The Pitta Dosha affected skin appears yellowish and there will be sensation of burning. The Kapha Dosha affected skin is fleshy and sometimes producing itching. The skin affected by all the doshas will have all the mix symptoms.

Prevention and protection for skin:- The skin care is important for the social as well as physical maintenance of the body. There are certain points to be remembered while taking care of skin. They are mentioned below :
  • Avoid using chemical soap or chemical deodorants.
  • Try to wash your skin with gentle herbal soap.
  • Stop using muddy, greasy and thick body lotions.
  • If possible, have a herbal bath at least once in a week.
  • Try to cover your skin and avoid direct sunlight falling all the times.
  • Take bath carefully, don’t be in hurry and clean every part of the body.
  • Try to avoid linen that produces allergy to the body. Use cotton garments.
  • Avoid wearing skin tight clothes which may irritate your skin.
  • Protect your skin from smog, dust and pollution.

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